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  • After 2 weeks of travel with our twins, including Costa Rica and Peru, we were really, really looking forward to our first visit to New Zealand and Lyn and Alan’s bush sand and sea. our hopes were so nicely exceeded. We arrived with a wife/mom under the weather and everyone else exhausted and stressed from a nearly 30 hour travel day. Now preparing to leave on our 3rd day, we are restored, rested, thinking a couple more days here would’ve been dandy AND already cherishing our new and fond memories. Such thoughtful warm hospitality, Lyn’s knowledge of local flora and fauna and her sharing of it are priceless, as is Alan green/ sustainability perspective. The walk on Sheila’s track is not to be missed, beautiful and testament to their incredible and inspiring commitment to their land, friends,/Guests and hard work ethic. Many thanks and love from us all.

    • 15-17.3.2016 Rody, Christine, the young Rody and Sophia, California, USA.


    Thank you Lyn and Alan for such a wonderful stay in your slice of paradise. You truly have a beautiful home and we were so glad to finish our trip in NZ here. We had a great time relaxing and also canyoning down the Kitekite Falls but the highlight was the lovely nature walk this morning. Please look us up if you are ever in Ireland. Thanks (Lyn- explanation- This private track is our passion!  So we love walking down sharing the story with Guests of its construction and identifying the varied native bush).

    • 10-13.3.2016 Amy and Conor, Ireland.


  • After Peggys’ long flight and my many nights of little sleep (a backpackers life) I was beyond thankful for our time here. I loved the relaxation and especially enjoyed the time we spent with Lyn talking about New Zealand, birds, the trees, the beautiful path (track) and listening to her great stories. If you get the chance, make sure you take the walk while you’re visiting. Thank you so much Lyn and Alan for your warm welcome and the comfort you provided us during our stay. I am in love with this place and would love to return someday. Chelsey.

    • 8-10.3.2016 Chelsey and Peggy, USA.


    We’ve decided to get an early start on our journey. I guess we are still on US time. We can’t thank you enough for the hospitality and making us feel so welcome upon our arrival to your beautiful country, cheers.

    • 7-8.3.2016 Nicole and Chris, America


  • A very special place you have here. We absolutely loved it. We stayed here 2 nights after our wedding, so special.

    • 5-7.3.2016 Lydia and Daniel, Auckland.


    An amazing, unique New Zealand experience. Thank you so much Lyn and Alan for your wonderful hospitality.

    • 22-23.2.2016 Jean and Billy, Scotland.


  • Had only 1 night here, a great mistake. The place deserved longer. Enjoyed the morepork and other night sounds too difficult to identify. And the breakfast….!

    • 21-22.2.2016 Chris and John (NZ) and Jo (UK)

    Chris and John (NZ) and Jo (UK) -

    It was only a coincidence that we stayed with Lyn and Allen but for sure a nice one. We have been traveling a lot and can say that we really met hosts that are so passionate about the well-being of their Guests. Although arriving last minute, we felt home right away. Lyn and Alan are extremely kind people and their house is simply stunning. We enjoyed our stay so much and would come back anytime we are in NZ. Thank you for your kindness.

    • 20-21.2.2016 Ina and Christin, Germany.


  • Alan and Lyn have made a real paradise here in the bush. We can think of not think of a better way of getting that first time New Zealand experience. The hard work and effort that has gone into creating this wonderful b and b speaks for itself. The hospitality was second to none and maybe one day we will return.

    • 15-17.2.2016 Debra and Peter, York, UK.


    Thank you so much for a wonderful experience .  From the first hello to saying goodbye,  we cannot stop smiling. This has been a stay to remember and we are so happy to celebrate our first wedding anniversary here. wonderful hospitality. PS we loved our breakfast:)

    • 14-15.2.2016 Ofeina and John, Auckland