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25 April 2017

We have just installed a Queen size tilt down wall bed with a super luxurious Sierra 2 mattress, brand “Askobed” .  This is a significant ‘upgrade’ for the second couple or third person who will  use of the ‘second’ bed in the lounge.  The days of Guests using the sofa bed are over, as it’s good bye to the old and in with the new!

The sofa bed had been satisfactory but the improvement has meant our Guests now have the convenience of a real bed, which can be put away into the cabinet without having to re-make it each day.  It no longer occupies floorspace during the day, and is easily lowered when they are ready to sleep.  Perfect!

We had always felt that the second couple got a second rate deal, and that the couples should ‘choose straws’ to determine who got the bedroom with it’s king size bed.  But this is no longer the case and they also have the advantage of a fabulous bush view from their bed.  Can’t wait for the Guests to be impressed as much as us!

Ready made Queen bed tilted up into its cabinet