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25 May 2017

A thirsty kereru’s (native wood pigeon) thirst is satisfied. Look at these amazing photos taken by last weekend’s Guests.  He had spotted our ruru (owl) photo on our website, (thought it must have been a decal stuck to the window.  It wasn’t!)  Because of this, he came with his camera charged and ready.  I mentioned that many birds are now using the birdbath on the front lawn, in full view from the B’&B’s lounge windows and deck: wax eyes, tui, fantail and kereru.  He took many photos, but these are his two best and he very kindly gave us the pics, with his best wishes!

At this time of year, the trees around the B&B are supplying birds with a range of seeds from the native trees.  These include lancewood, five fingers, nikau and cabbage trees.A thirsty Kereru (Wood Pigeon) on wing