Sustainability was a guiding principle in the conception of Bush Sand and Sea.

We are keen supporters of the Sustainable Business Network, members of the Forest and Bird Society and the Waitakere Ranges Protection Society.

When we set out to build Bush Sand and Sea, minimising the environmental impact of both construction and Guest stays was top of the list. The environment is important to us and we wanted to demonstrate to Guests many of the clever systems that are now available, often at a reasonable price, to be more environmentally friendly, while still providing all the conveniences and comforts expected of a Bed and Breakfast.

A fresh approach

We believe that when booking accommodation, you deserve to be able to choose an environmentally-friendly option. Bush Sand and Sea provides that option with all the comforts you would expect so you can relax, knowing that all care has been taken to make your stay as harmonious as possible.

It is our hope that Guests may take some clever ideas home with them, share the information with friends and perhaps even implement some in their own homes, reducing their environmental footprint.

Green strategies

This modern building has been Architecturally designed with sustainability in mind.
Below is a list of some of the key areas of the property that have been designed to reduce the impact on the natural habitat. Just ask us about any of these concepts during your stay and we will happily show you how they work!

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Building around the trees – The building site was carefully chosen to minimise the number of trees impacted. In fact we built around some of them, (siting the whole building with respect to this one) as you will see when you arrive!

Unit was designed around this tree! It rewards us with spikes of berries for the Kereru.

Cabbage tree on rear and totally private deck

snapped while feasting on the nikau tree on the rear deck

It didn’t mind, and produces spikes of scented flowers in the spring.

The Sun – Our local Architect has harnessed the warmth of the sun as much as possible by using generous glass on the north-facing side of the building and double-glazed glass on the living area windows.
Heating/cooling  The atmosphere in the building is kept warm in winter and cool in summer using an environmentally- friendly Daiken heat pump unit, the only National Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand approved air-conditioner.
Water heating – Water is heated with a heat pump, 3-4 times more efficient than other forms of electrical heating.
Earth-friendly lighting– Energy saving, fluorescent lamps have been employed where practicable – using 80% less energy than conventional bulbs.
Insulation – Natural wool, (wool glued together with recycled plastic) has been used. It is a low irritant, non-allergenic material and is healthy way to keep warm, both  for you and the planet.
Composting – organic waste is recycled through composting and our own worm farm
Recycled materials – Recycled timber has been used where appropriate; the native timber in the stairs and recycled local pine (milled by your hosts!) in the decking and framework of the building.
Biodegradable cleaning – We are committed to using only biodegradable cleaning products to reduce your impact on the environment.
Supporting the local economy – Designed by a local Architect, construction of Bush Sand and Sea from the ground up was completed by local tradespeople and using local materials wherever possible. We are proud of the work they have done!
Responsible timber – The use of unsustainable rain-forest timbers was avoided throughout construction.
Bush Replanting – a grassed area was replanted with native bush to compensate for bush cleared to accommodate the new bungalow.  We now have karo, clematis, kowhai, hebes mature enough to flower in season.

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