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16 August 2017

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report about a recent loss of a magnificent Kereru (NZ pigeon) due to window strike.  I have sat on the blog, too sad to write this, upset at the loss, but also concerned that the two sets of Guests, who took many pictures, and studied this bird, will be saddened too.  However, it is life, the natural cycle of life and death, and one that cannot be ignored.

On this occasion, about one month ago, while I was out one grey day, Alan heard a loud bang, investigated and saw that the bird had struck our main dining room window.  It was on the ground, moved away as Alan approached, fluttered down our steps and established itself in the bush, on the ground.  When I came home, I was tired, after visiting my elderly Mum, who lives right next to Bird Rescue in Godley Rd, Green Bay, Akl. We agreed the bird looked content, recovering quietly.  It was a very cold night- that was our big mistake. First thing in the morning, we checked our friend, rang Bird Rescue, and Lynn advised we bring him or her in.  One hour later, after being transferred into a new box, on a heat pad at 37 degrees, sadly, it died.  Lyn had 3 other kereru lined up in their boxes and they all survived.  Upon examination, she found it was not in great health, empty crop, nothing broken, but fairly wasted.  This was a surprise, considering we all observed it being ‘king of the lancewood’ and scoffing fruit for hours on end in the sun.

My lesson, and her advise, always try to capture, (maybe throw a cloth over making it a gentler capture and they panic less), keep in a warm dark box.  Sometimes they may simply exit the box when recovered.  Time may be all they need.  Have glass windows, will have bird strikes.  Sometimes they survive, sometimes not. We keep our lounge blinds down all day, and recently a Guest left because our home looked like we had gone out.  We ask our Guests to keep blinds down, especially if they go out for the day, and we have decals on some of their windows.

Long blog, you can see it still hurts!  Donations always gratefully received by Lyn MacDonald at

one last chance to recover grey wet day

grey wet day